Coach outlet choked back pain

Coach outlet choked back pain, and asked how do you be so sure I will emerge ? Hwarang faint smile, said very simple, because there is hate in your heart , mind if a person has hate, often make some irrational things, and when you see the Yin and Fang Baiyu no wrong when two people fighting a lose-lose you must be very proud , proud of you will certainly be tempted to come out and try to let warm knife painful .

After listening to the words of Hwarang , Coach outlet could not help but sigh, said I lost, did not think , I actually lost a scholar like you , you little analysis are right, no wrong , and when you see the Yin They suffer , my heart really happy , because they know I can finally take revenge . Coach outlet face is painful, but after a moment , he suddenly said hateful some excitement , I had not planned this , I wanted to kill manufactured into the chamber , and then let you thought it was my father's ghost to take revenge , let you all panic , I'm looking for the opportunity to start a warm knife to kill , but he was the Chamber of Secrets kill you to see through the trick .

Hwarang helpless shrug , not he wanted to see through , but he made ​​backroom too simple , as long as a person is willing to carefully check again , then Kensi test something , we can understand that this is how the formation of the chamber .Read More. Of course , the reason why leaves star from the outset to believe this is the chamber murder, because he believed that the world is simply not a ghost . Fang Baiyu will be filled with blood off his clothes still on the floor , Coach outlet watching all of this , I suddenly felt his whole body hurts , he struggled on the ground for a moment , and finally he died because of excessive bleeding .

Coach outlet temperature of the body of the knife looked somewhat sad that he did not want to kill , to kill people every day on the lakes , if you do not kill others, they will kill you , sinister lakes , has always been the case. After bury Coach outlet, was already dawn , the Hwarang trapped badly, so he wanted to return to the room to rest, to this time, Fang Baiyu suddenly come to him , and hesitated a long time before opening said you're a smart person, I hope you can take care of warm dream. Hwarang faint smile Fang Shaoxia rest assured that I really like warm dream , I will take good care of her.